Welcome to Maitland Men's Club

Welcome to Maitland Men's Club

What We Do Year-Round

February 23, 2019: Cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for the opening day of Little League 2019! There were 170 players signed up and each received a burger and/or hotdog!

Serving food for the public at the Maitland Fall and Art Festival for many years, MMC enjoys grilling and serving graciously.

Maitland Men's Club Truck

The Poinsettia purchases have been a monumental part of funding MMC's annual Christmas for Children, a central focus of MMC's volunteering efforts. The colorful beauties always sell quite fast and make for gorgeous Christmas decorations!

Our members enjoy friendships and long-standing bonds with each other. There is never a dull moment at events and meetings! 

Members and participants enjoy a meal after an eventful afternoon during the golf tournament!

The majority of the club, pictured above, stands for a picture after a hard day's work selling poinsettias for the annual Christmas for Children, under section 501(c)(3).

Our dedicated MMC members, pictures above, pose during the annual M.E.A.L. event. Some of our members work hard in the kitchen, creating delicious meals for our guests, while other members act as gracious hosts during the event, socializing and making sure our guests have a great time!

Celebrating the Maitland Little League has been a fun-filled and long-standing tradition with the MMC! Baseball lovers and fans everywhere come to celebrate the players! The marching band performs, food is served, and a fantastic game is played! Win or lose, MMC is always there, making the event a true win for all. 
A long-term member, pictured above, stops for a quick picture during MMC's annual yard sale! Many items are donated then sold! All our members have a great time helping during this successful event!
Our guests enjoy their food during the annual M.E.A.L. event! Big smiles and grateful hearts are what MMC is all about!
Our members are proud of their tasks and enjoy forming lasting bonds through their efforts! Pictured above, they take a deserving break with some cold, refreshing sodas! 

Some artistic and creative MMC members put on a beautiful play production at a local elementary school, providing entertainment for the audience! The children definitely enjoyed the show!

Our late member, Chuck Green, pictured above, was the founder of Orangewood Presbyterian.

MMC has consistently volunteering during the annual Maitland Art Festival for many years now, providing refreshments and setting up booths for the public. (pictured above and below)
M.E.A.L. was an important initiative thanks to the MMC, providing food and cake for Maitland's employees, thanking them for their service and loyalty in the city. Our guests were so appreciative and we enjoyed celebrating them!
  • Feeding homeless at the Christian Service Center
  • Cooking for the Maitland Veterans Day dinner
  • Providing hamburgers and hot dogs at the opening day of Maitland Little League
  • Providing and cooing for the Annual Maitland Employee recognition luncheon
  • Purchasing golf cart for Maitland Police
  • Donations to Canine Companions
  • Donations to Pet Rescue by Judy
  • Donations to Franklin's Friends
  • Donations to Crimeline
  • Donations to Maitland History Museum
  • Project Walk
  • Freedom Ride
  • Touch-A-Truck
  • Purchased a gazebo for Minnehaha Park in Maitland
  • Donations for children's eye care, medical needs, dental care, and basic school supplies

MMC has proudly hosted inclusive golf tournaments, serving refreshments and also landing those hole-in-ones! Scores are always recorded for good competitive fun!

Christmas in the City 2017 was a grand success for Maitland Men's Club! We sold almost 700 poinsettias, made over $9,000, and helped over 16 families and 50 children! Our wives who assist each family received many grateful hugs and tears.


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